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We're out to build a Family of 25,000 Certified Digital Bookkeepers by 2025

What is the Digital Bookkeeper Association (DBA)?

The DBA is made up of Certified Digital Bookkeepers and Bookkeeping Professionals from all over the world. 

We believe that a 21st Century Bookkeeper does more than crunch numbers; they are advocates and advisors for their clients.  A beacon of hope for financial prosperity.

We stand ready to help the 21st Century Bookkeeping Professional through advocacy, education and promotion of the Certified Digital Bookkeeper (CDB) brand. 

What is a Certified Digital Bookkeeper (CDB)?

A CDB has distinguished themself as a true Bookkeeping Professional. The woman or man who earns this has been put through a rigorous set of qualifications, testing and experience.

Each CDB has at least one year of experience serving as a Bookkeeping Professional to multiple clients. They have passed a series of exams to prove their competence. Most CDBs specialize in one industry so that they can better serve their clients.

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