Shelley (Rachelle) Teller

  • Company: S. Teller Business Solutions LLC
  • Location: Washington, PA, USA
  • Member Since: November 2022
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About My Business

Meet Shelley! Keeping Small Businesses Afloat, One Paperwork Crisis at a Time

I'm not just another bookkeeper—I'm a staunch advocate for small business owners, the unsung heroes of our communities. With a heart full of admiration for their dedication, I've made it my mission to rescue them from the paperwork avalanche.

My journey into bookkeeping wasn't planned; it was born out of necessity when my partner launched his business. Witnessing his struggles with paperwork, I stepped in, and to my surprise, found joy in organizing finances. Seeing how his business flourished when he could focus on clients, not cluttered desks, was eye-opening.

Let me be your guide in navigating the treacherous waters of bookkeeping, ensuring your passion drives your business, not paperwork piles. Let's keep your entrepreneurial spirit alive and thriving!

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